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Some words about our project

Nowadays there are a lot of online shops with Chinese goods where you can buy almost anything you can think of. However, sometimes these shops specialize on a limited range of goods only or are not user-friendly enough. No need to worry – will help you to solve all these problems!

We have launched a unique English-language website that contains information on hundreds of thousands of goods that can be bought in various China stores. Here are the main advantages of

  • You don’t have to browse various online shops – on our website you can first search the good you need and then go directly to the shop that sells it;
  • We offer a truly impressive range of goods – from cosmetics and clothes to food and electronics;
  • There is a handy search line and several filters that can help you to look through the products you need disregarding anything else. For example, the goods can be ranged by price, name, seller and whether they are new arrivals or not.

How to use

First of all, choose the necessary category of goods. You may need Computer & Networking, Mother & Kids, Sports & Entertainment or something else. Within most categories there are subgroups which will further facilitate your search.

Once the good is found on the list, you can first view its detailed description which includes technical features, delivery information, payment options offered by the seller etc. Besides, every item has a clear indication of its price. There is a total correspondence between the prices on our website and those on the sellers’ websites. Moreover, if sellers are giving certain goods with a discount, this information is immediately reflected on Depending on your choice, prices can be reflected in US dollars, pounds, or Euros. It goes without saying that all the goods on our website are accompanied with pictures. If you like the image, the description and the price, then a single click will lead you to the corresponding page on the seller’s website.

There is also the option of adding goods in the wish list. Thus you will be able to view all the things you need on one single page and later proceed by visiting their sellers’ shops. If you feel embarrassed by the plethora of online China stores and spend too much time for finding something you need, then welcome to We will help you to find and order best Chinese goods as quickly as you have never imagined!